EP Watch

Politics are often considered as very intransparent and not interesting for a broad public. This surely is the case for European politics. In order to enhance the transparancy and to make the real political deeds - the voting behaviour- more easily accessible I have written a small script that analyses the roll-call vote records as published on the website of the European Parliament.

It converts a long list with names after each amendment into a compact HTML table that is suitable for inclusion on websites. These tables also offer a better overview of the voting behaviour of a single MEP or political group. Moreover, you can also enter voting recommendations and look which MEPs followed your advice. This way I hope it can be a helpful tool for NGOs.

How it works

Colour legend


Get the script and some example files here.

Further development

It would be nice to have an option that creates a table for every memberstate. For feature suggestions and bug reports please contact me at dietvu /at/ village.uunet.be.


The EP watch script is available under the GPL.